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  • From Singapore to San Francisco

    Thanks to the leadership Jason Au received from, he is on his way towards a career as a financial advisor.

  • Breaking the Silence

    Grace Brown uses her photography to give a voice to victims of sexual abuse, which she hopes will give a voice to others in the future.

  • For the Win: The Building Blocks of Service

    Ryan Sarafolean is committed to improving the lives of women in Kibera, Kenya. He hopes his story inspires you to find a cause you believe in.

  • Pursuing a PhD from Poverty

    Joyce Jiao reflects on the mentor who has provided her with support and guidance in navigating the medical school admissions process.

  • Moxie Maven

    Meet Alexia Vernon, a former beauty queen turned author and motivational speaker, who uses her talents to inspire women to aim higher.

  • Mission to Med School

    Sherita Black's two mentors are helping direct her toward her dream job as a physician.

  • A Veterans Path

    A soldiers path in life when returning home is not always clear cut and obvious. Cassaundra learned this the hard way when she completed her service as she began going to college full-time, working full-time, and raising two children. She now serves veterans by reaching out to mentor women leaving the armed forces with her organization F7 group.

  • Smoothing the Transition

    A soldiers life is never easy, and with a jobless rate of 12 percent among all veterans it can be even harder at home than war. Hernán Luis y Prado works to lessen the burden of unemployment for veterans through his "Workshops for Warriors" program. With 11 veteran working for him currently, Hernán hopes that by 2015 he'll employ 50 veterans and have secured jobs for 1000 more.

  • Helping Veterans and Businesses Succeed Together

    John Reynolds and his organization Veterans2Work seek to educate both veterans and companies on the ways to find and utilize each other. By teaching veterans about going on a job search and teaching companies how best to utilize the mission-oriented mindset of a soldier Veterans2Work hopes to lower the unemployment rate of young and disabled veterans.

  • Helping Survive the Peace

    As a Vietnam verteran, Bob Curry saw the opportunity to help out a new generation of soldiers when the Afganistan War and War in Iraq began. He began DryHootch, a non-profit organizaiton, with the goal in mind to give veterans a safe, alcohol-free, drug-free environment to deal with the PTS they might be feeling after returning home.