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  • MOMENTUM: Passing the Baton of Service

    eMerging Entrepreneurs, Inc. and its chairman TJ Breeden have created the opportunities for veterans and their families in North Carolina to meet hiring firms and employers, as well as college recruiters and advanced education counselors. This program, and the programs that will follow in its steps, will be a driving force for economic prosperity, educational advancement, and entrepreneurialism for our soldiers.

  • The Joy of Sharing my Pain

    Samuel Luna is a Vietnam veteran who suffered from PTS until he attended a weekend program to help him understand his Vietnam experience and the role PTS had played and continued to play in his life. Samuel now seeks to spread this treatment to help other veterans.

  • Advocacy by a Veteran, for Veterans.

    Joey Strickland is a veteran who learned a lot about leadership during his service. Now that he's retired, he has dedicated his life to veteran affairs and has come up with a state program that he hopes will enable the nation as a whole to better serve its veterans.

  • A Universal Token

    Gail's mission is to bestow a universal symbol and token of thanks, solace, and remembrance to those who serve, past and present, in harm's way to protect and defend our lives and freedoms. These tokens are given by her organization Quilts of Honor America not for profit, but simply for the gratitude and thanks that she hopes they bring to each veterans life.

  • Turning the Page on Illiteracy

    Stacy Ratner, a bibliophile working to end illiteracy in Chicago, shares her success story.

  • Feeding the "Book Famine"

    Shannon McNamara is a young woman working to end the "book famine" in Africa.

  • Weekly Wrap Up: Courage and Sacrifice

    A quick look at what happened this week on

  • The Power to Program

    Gabriel Valdivia explains how mentors helped him develop skills to become a programmer.

  • President Obama Pays Tribute to Fallen Police Officers

    The President acknowledged and thanked the families of those who have fallen, and highlighted the courageous acts of those we lost

  • Juggling Many Arts

    Negin Singh shares and spreads her love of all art forms.