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  • Crowdfunding Microloans for Social Good

    Premal Shah is being honored as a Champion of Change for his accomplishments as a crowdfunding pioneer.

  • Bringing America’s Students into the Digital Age

    Committing to high-speed connectivity for all our students in five years will unleash the potential of the education technology market, where a lack of infrastructure has held back innovation.

  • What is ConnectED?

    President Obama is unveiling a bold, new initiative called ConnectED, which will connect 99 percent of America’s students to the internet through high-speed broadband and high-speed wireless within 5 years.

  • Civic Hacking at the White House: We the People, by the People

    On June 1, the White House celebrated National Day of Civic Hacking by welcoming more than 30 developers and designers to our second hackathon.

  • Hanging Out and Talking Asteroids at the White House

    Today, the White House hosted a "We The Geeks" Google+ Hangout series to discuss asteroid 1998 QE2, that safely flew by the Earth and Moon.

  • Empowering Consumers through the Smart Disclosure of Data

    Today, the Administration’s interagency National Science and Technology Council released Smart Disclosure and Consumer Decision Making: Report of the Task Force on Smart Disclosure—the first comprehensive description of the Federal Government’s efforts to promote the smart disclosure of information that can help consumers make wise decisions in the marketplace.

  • We the Geeks: Asteroids

    On Friday, May 31st, the White House will host a "We The Geeks" Google+ Hangout on asteroids with Lori Garver, Bill Nye, Ed Lu, Peter Diamandis, and Jose Luis Galache.

  • A Data-Powered Revolution in Health Care

    Supported by digital data, new data-driven tools, and payment policies that reward improving the quality and value of care, doctors, hospitals, patients, and entrepreneurs across the nation are demonstrating that smarter, better, more accessible, and more proactive care is the best way to improve quality and control health care costs.

  • Good News on Innovation and Health Care

    Data that support medical decision-making and collaboration, dovetailing with new tools in the Affordable Care Act, are spurring the innovation necessary to deliver improved health care for more people at affordable prices.

  • Agency Spotlight: Making Mobile Government a Reality

    To keep pace with the rapid adoption of mobile devices and the breakneck speed of mobile innovation, President Obama charged agencies with releasing flagship mobile services and making data available in developer-friendly formats to accelerate the production of services and mobile applications. Twelve months after the President’s call for change, there has been great progress bringing mobile government to citizens’ fingertips. Today, on the one-year anniversary of the Digital Government Strategy, agencies are announcing the release of hundreds of new mobile services, datasets, and APIs, providing unprecedented public access to government data.