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  • Project SEARCH Interns Visit White House

    Project SEARCH interns, along with their teachers and job coaches, meet with Special Assistant to the President for Disability Policy Kareem Dale and toured the White House.

  • Celebrating the International Day of Persons with Disabilities

    Judith Heumann, Special Advisor for International Disability Rights in the Department of State, reflects on advancements in the rights, equality and inclusion of persons with disabilities since the International Day of Persons with Disabilities was adopted by the United Nations in 1981.

  • Reflections on Disability Employment

    Assistant Secretary for Disability Employment Policy (ODEP) at the Department of Labor, Kathleen Martinez, offers reflections on ODEP's tenth anniversary and the office's many accomplishments and initiatives, including National Disability Employment Awareness Month, the Add Us In initiative, sector-specific employment summits, and The Campaign for Disability Employment.

  • Presidential Citizens Medal Recipients of 2011

    Meet the recepients of the 2011 Presidential Citizens Medal, given to Americans who have performed exemplary deeds of service for their country or their fellow citizens.

  • Hiring People with Disabilities

    John Barry, recipient of the Tony Coelho Award, discusses the contribution made by people with disabilities to our nation.

  • Building Partnerships for Community Living

    The President’s Year of Community Living called for the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) and the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) to change this dynamic by building an unprecedented partnership at the federal level, and bringing together housing and human services agencies on the state and local levels.

  • A Father Celebrates Today's Reauthorization of the Combating Autism Act

    Nearly one percent of American children are on the Autism Spectrum, and this reauthorization continues investments in research, early detection and support and services for both children and adults.

  • Planning for the Whole Community Before, During and After Emergencies

    At FEMA we’re taking strides to emphasize the importance of including the whole community in disaster planning, response and recovery.

  • NASA Goddard Space Flight Center: Disability Employment Done Right

    Kareem Dale's visit to the NASA Goddard Space Flight center highlights the agency's outstanding disability employment practices and how people with disabilties are integrated in every step of designing, building, testing, and launching the new James Webb Space Telescope.

  • Department of Transportation Continues the Fight for Accessibility

    One of Secretary Ray LaHood’s top priorities at the Department of Transportation (DOT) is to make transportation more accessible for people with disabilities. The Secretary announces a new rule requiring new station platform construction or significant renovation to enable those with disabilities to get on and off any car on a train.