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  • Veterans at USAID: Continuing to Serve America and the World

    The United States Agency for International Development is expanding its hiring of veterans and has been helped by an Executive Order from President Obama, which supported more employment resources for veterans at the Agency and across the federal government.

  • FWD: USAID's First-Ever Public Awareness Campaign

    In response to the crisis affecting 13.3 million people in the Horn of Africa, USAID launches its first-ever public awareness campaign FWD (Famine. War. Drought.) to create nationwide awareness about the crisis and to spur relief efforts for those affected.

  • Promoting Global Health by Sharing Knowledge

    Under a new public-private partnership, the National Institutes of Health will make a number of patents available to researchers and license them royalty-free to help the private sector develop diagnostics, therapeutics, and devices to improve public health in the least developed countries.

  • Disaster Relief Update

    Director Lew provides a disaster relief update on estimated needs for Hurricane Irene through FY 2012.

  • BCA and Disaster Relief

    Director Lew discusses disaster relief funding and the Budget Control Act.

  • The Humanitarian Crisis in Africa: How You Can Help

    Dr. Jill Biden and US officials visit a refugee center in Kenya and want the American people to understand the severity of the crisis and how they can help. Watch a video from the trip.

  • Volunteers Prove Essential to Disaster Response

    Divya Kumaraiah, Policy Assistant to the White House Office of Social Innovation and Civic Participation, shares inspiring stories from CNCS' disaster recovery efforts in Mississippi.

  • 50 Years of USAID

    USAID Administrator Rajiv Shah marks the 50th Anniversary of President Kennedy founding the agency he now leads.

  • NOAA-USAID Join Forces for Global Development

    NOAA and USAID brought together their scientific and technical experts at a workshop earlier this week focused on re-energizing scientific collaboration between the two agencies.

  • USG Response to the Japan Earthquake and Tsunami

    Ari Alexander highlights USAID’s recent conference call to provide stakeholders with information on the USG response to the earthquake and tsunami in Japan.