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  • A Health Care Story from Nebraska

    As part of the 50 States/50 Stories project, Emily Schlicting of Omaha, Nebraska discusses how the Affordable Care Act is giving her the freedom to make decisions about her life without worrying about whether or not she’ll have health insurance.

  • Serving Those Who Serve

    An update on the Administration's newest efforts to get our veterans the economic stability they deserve.

  • Building Regional Energy Innovation Clusters

    Ginger Lew, Senior Counselor to the White House National Economic Council, attends a regional Energy Innovation Conference in Omaha, Nebraska, an effort to bring together scientists, business leaders, investors, government leaders and entrepreneurs to create affordable clean energy and jobs.

  • Partnerships for Regional Energy Innovation in Omaha, Nebraska

    Howard W. Buffett, Policy Advisor in the Office of Social Innovation and Civic Participation provides an update on the first regional Energy Innovation Conference hosted yesterday in Omaha, Nebraska.

  • Promoting Partnerships for Innovation in Energy

    Howard W. Buffett, Policy Advisor in the Office of Social Innovation and Civic Participation summarizes the outcomes from the Energy Innovation Conference hosted last week at the White House.

  • More Support for Young Adults

    White House Health Reform Director Nancy-Ann DeParle explains how young adults can get coverage as a result of health reform, and answers recent questions about tax implications.

  • President Obama Follows Up on Thursday's Bipartisan Meeting on Health Reform

    The President writes to Congressional Leaders of both parties discussing what he felt were some of the best ideas offered at the meeting.

  • Students Meet President Obama, Speak With Astronauts

    Middle school students in town for the "Future City" engineering competition met with the President last week for a call to the International Space Station. Two students have written about their experience with the President and talking to astronauts.

  • America's 2020 Broadband Vision

    FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski talks about one of the key pillars of the new foundation created by the Recovery Act.

  • President Obama Calls Space

    President Obama will call the astronaut crews of the International Space Station and the Space Shuttle Endeavour from the Roosevelt Room of the White House and congratulate them on their successful ongoing mission.