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  • State and Local Officials Join the President in Year of Action to Raise the Minimum Wage

    In the year since the President first called on Congress to raise the federal minimum wage, 10 states and the District of Columbia have passed laws to increase the minimum wage. Without waiting on Congress to act, Connecticut, Maryland, and Hawaii are lifting their minimum wages to $10.10 an hour, and other states and localities are considering similar legislation.

  • What Climate Change Means for Regions Across America

    The Third U.S. National Climate Assessment confirms that climate change is affecting Americans in every region of the United States and key sectors of the national economy.

  • Anti-Bullying Efforts in the AAPI Community

    On Tuesday, April 8, 2014, the New York Regional Interagency Working Group of the White House Initiative on Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders (Initiative) in collaboration with the New York Public Library—Science, Industry and Business Library hosted a Google+ Hangout discussion on effective means of dealing with bullying as a young adult in the AAPI community.

  • Congressional Budget Office Report Finds Minimum Wage Lifts Wages for 16.5 Million Workers

    A new CBO report finds that 16.5 million workers would get a raise from increasing the minimum wage to $10.10 per hour, helping millions of hard-working families, reducing poverty, and increasing the overall wages going to lower-income households.

  • 5 Things to Know about Opioid Overdoses

    With the amount of media attention on overdoses right now, it's important to know the basics about the epidemic.

  • STEM...and the Super Bowl!

    The Obama Administration is taking steps to ensure that the Nation’s STEM workforce is equipped with the education and skills to discover, create, and invent. And the Federal Government isn’t acting alone.Ahead of Super Bowl Sunday, OSTP caught up with New York Giants wide-receiver Victor Cruz, who is harnessing his football fame to highlight the importance of STEM education.

  • Law Enforcement Officer Prevented Overdose Death on Staten Island

    Yesterday, a life was saved in Staten Island. After arriving at the scene of an opioid overdose, a local law enforcement officer administered the overdose-reversal drug, naloxone, to an unresponsive victim. He was revived, thanks to the officer – and the naloxone he carried as part of the New York Police Department’s pilot program to train 180 officers to administer the overdose reversal drug.

  • A Different Look at the 2014 State of the Union

    Check out the latest release from the White House Photo Office.

  • Covered in the New Year: Andrew Santiago’s Story

    Andrew Santiago is one of the 10.2 million Latinos who stand to benefit from the new protections provided by the Affordable Care Act. He signed up for coverage under the Health Insurance Marketplace and qualified for a tax credit that allows him to purchase medical and dental insurance for only $87 a month.

  • New Report: The Economic Benefits of Extending Unemployment Insurance

    A new report argues that allowing Emergency Unemployment Compensation to expire would be harmful to millions of workers and their families, counterproductive to the economic recovery, and unprecedented in the context of previous extensions to earlier unemployment insurance programs.