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  • Students Speak: “Why I’m in STEM”

    This week, OSTP asked winners and finalists from the 2012 Siemens Foundation student competition in Math, Science, and Technology to tell us why they are pursuing STEM and what it means to them. Here's what they had to say.

  • Agreement in Washington: Protect the Middle Class from Year-end Tax Hikes

    Today, the White House National Economic Council releaseda state-by-state reports about the real-life impact of these tax increases on America’s middle class families if Congress fails to act by January 1. Find out what it means for your community.

  • The 2012 White House Holiday Card

    This year's White House holiday card features the First Family dog, Bo.

  • A State by State Look at the Middle-Class Tax Cuts’ Impact on Consumer Spending and Retailers

    A state by state look at the middle-class tax cuts' impact on consumer spending and retailers.

  • Read Some More Stories from the Middle Class Tax Cut Debate

    Americans from across the country are speaking out about extending tax cuts for the middle class.

  • USAID Launches Development Labs at Seven Universities

    Last week, OSTP Director John P. Holdren joined USAID Administrator Rajiv Shah in launching the Higher Education Solutions Network (HESN) – a groundbreaking partnership between USAID and seven top universities that is designed to harness the ingenuity of faculty and students to help solve global development challenges.

  • Date Set for Entry-Into-Force of the U.S.-Panama Trade Promotion Agreement

    U.S. Trade Representative Ron Kirk and Panamanian Minister of Commerce and Industry Ricardo Quijano signed a letter exchange setting October 31, 2012 for the entry-into-force of the U.S.-Panama Trade Promotion Agreement (TPA).

  • Youth Development through Self Learning

    Dr. Samuel G. Roberson Sr. is currently a Program Specialist, 4-H & Youth Development Prairie View A&M University Cooperative Extension Program in Texas. With the support and encouragement as a child to do more, Samuel has committed his entire life to helping youth realize their full potential. While pursuing his PhD at Texas A&M University researching youth development, Samuel discovered 4-H. He believes the emphasis by 4-H programs on hands-on learning is directly correlated to the creative mischief that he experimented with in open fields as child.

  • Make the Best Better

    Chamonix Mejia has been an active 4-H member for the past 11 years. Chamonix strives to encourage 4-H members to realize the many ways they can improve their lives. She lives by the 4-H motto, "To Make the Best Better." Through her activity in 4-H, Chamonix works to help others help themselves.

  • Latino Art Exhibit in the White House

    This year in celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month at the White House visitors to the East Wing will enjoy select artworks from the Smithsonian American Art Museum’s Collection of Latino Art from September 15, 2012 to October 15, 2012