• An Improbable Public Interest Start Up

    A year ago, I returned to California after working on the rescue team to fix I slept for a couple of weeks, and I began the task of processing what I had seen and done. I knew that was the most important work I had been a part of. I saw that technology in parts of the government was in bad shape.

  • U.S.-U.K. Digital Government Partnership

    Today, we are building on a long history of innovation and collaboration on digital technologies with the United Kingdom. The President and Prime Minister Cameron just announced a commitment to strengthen and expand the ongoing digital partnership between our two countries.

  • Taking Category Management Government-Wide

    In December, the Strategic Sourcing Leadership Council (SSLC), comprised of the seven largest and highest-spending agencies, took a major step forward in transforming the federal acquisition landscape.

  • “Dynamic Scoring” is Not the Answer

    The House will vote today on a resolution requiring the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) and the Joint Committee on Taxation (JCT) to adopt a practice known as “dynamic scoring,” which would change how the Congress calculates the expected cost of a piece of legislation. Current rules require calculating a policy’s direct cost to the government, which includes looking at how affected individuals and firms would react to the policy.

  • Q4 Priority Goals Update: Notable Progress on Government Effectiveness and Efficiency

    Almost one year ago, the Administration committed to ambitious improvements in Government services and better outcomes for the American public. We established 15 new Cross-Agency Priority (CAP) Goals and every Federal Agency published a small number of Agency Priority Goals, totaling 91 across Federal the Government. Now, a year in, we are seeing notable progress and success as agencies work together and break down silos.

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