Read President Trump’s proclamation on the death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who became the second woman to serve on the U.S. Supreme Court upon her confirmation in 1993, passed away Friday at the age of 87.

“She led an amazing life,” President Trump said after hearing the news.

President Trump issued a proclamation on Justice Ginsburg’s death over the weekend, reading in part:

A fighter to the end, Justice Ginsburg defeated cancer and the odds numerous times—all while continuing to serve on the Court. Her commitment to the law and her fearlessness in the face of death inspired countless “RBG” fans, and she continues to serve as a role model to countless women lawyers. Her legacy and contribution to American history will never be forgotten.

📖 Read President Trump’s full proclamation on Justice Ginsburg.

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Ivanka Trump and AG Barr announce over $100 million to fight human trafficking

Last month, the U.S. Marshals Service led a two-week operation alongside Georgia state and local officers to rescue endangered missing children in Atlanta and Macon.

“Operation Not Forgotten” resulted in the rescue of 26 children, the safe locating of 13 other children, and the arrest of nine criminal associates. Investigators cleared 26 arrest warrants and filed additional charges for crimes related to sex trafficking, kidnapping, registered sex offender violations, and drugs and weapons possession.

Today, Ivanka Trump and Attorney General William Barr are visiting Atlanta to highlight the Trump Administration’s work to protect human trafficking survivors, prosecute human traffickers, and put an end to this evil industry once and for all.

Ms. Trump joined Attorney General Barr for a tour of the survivor care facility at the Georgia Center for Child Advocacy. The Center’s “Envision Project” delivers intensive case management and educational support, along with employment readiness and personal development programming for the victims of trafficking.

“The Trump Administration continues to fight tirelessly to end the scourge of human trafficking in our communities,” Ms. Trump said. “The leaders and community members we’re meeting with in Atlanta are on the front lines of this fight and are critical to our efforts to end this horrific crime.”

The Attorney General and Ms. Trump also stopped at the U.S. Attorney’s office in Atlanta to join a roundtable with law enforcement officers, service providers, and private-sector partners. During the discussion, Ms. Trump and Attorney General Barr announced additional funding of nearly $101 million from the Justice Department to hold human traffickers accountable and provide vital services to trafficking victims.

“The Department of Justice is relentless in its fight against the perpetrators of these heinous crimes,” Attorney General Barr said.

“Working with state and local law enforcement and community victim service providers, we will continue to bring these criminals to justice.”

THANK YOU to the U.S. Marshals and our law enforcement officers!