JUST OUT: President Trump’s bold vision for Middle East peace

Today, President Trump introduced the most realistic and detailed plan ever presented for peace between Israel and the Palestinians.

 Watch: “We must break free of yesterday’s failed approaches.”

“Peace to Prosperity” is a fundamentally different vision for one of the world’s most complex problems. “My vision presents a win-win opportunity for both sides,” President Trump said today, with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu standing alongside him.

President Trump also took the step of meeting yesterday with Israel’s opposition leader, Lt. General Benny Gantz. In doing so, the President secured agreement from both major Israeli figures on the Peace to Prosperity Vision. “Peace transcends politics by any measure,” President Trump said today.

Now, for the first time in this conflict, President Trump has reached an understanding with Israel’s leadership on a map with real borders for a proposed two-state solution.

Palestinians and Israelis both deserve a future of peace and prosperity. A realistic compromise will protect Israel’s security, fulfill the aspirations of self-determination for the Palestinians, and ensure universal and respectful access to the holy sites of Jerusalem.

President Trump’s Vision designates defensible borders for Israel and does not ask it to compromise on the safety of its people. For Palestinians, the Vision delivers significant territorial expansion, allocating land roughly comparable in size to the West Bank and Gaza for establishing a Palestinian State. Transportation links would allow for efficient movement between Gaza and the West Bank, as well as throughout Palestine.

“All humanity should be able to enjoy the glories of the Holy Land. This part of the world is forever connected to the human soul and the human spirit,” President Trump said. “These ancient lands should not be symbols of conflict, but eternal symbols of peace.”

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WATCH: Dems and impeachment, 1998 vs. now

President Trump’s legal team wrapped up its case against House Democrats’ dangerous and weak Articles of Impeachment today, telling senators they should leave the right of choosing a President to the American people.

“What they are asking you to do is to throw out a successful president on the eve of an election with no basis and in violation of the Constitution,” White House Counsel Pat Cipollone said. “It would . . . weaken, weaken forever all of our democratic institutions.”

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The first partisan impeachment in U.S. history came with a lot of bluster and distractions from Democrats and the media. Here are the 10 things that really matter:

  • Democrats aren’t just trying to remove President Trump from office—they want to remove him from the ballot. Their Articles of Impeachment would bar him from holding “any Office of honor, trust, or profit under the United States.”
  • Investigating corruption in Ukraine, including potential conflicts of interest involving Hunter Biden and Burisma, is not “baseless,” as Democrats claim. Even the Obama State Department had concerns. So did ABC News and others.
  • House Democrats’ sham investigation was unauthorized and unconstitutional. A President defending his due-process rights is called separation of powers, not “Obstruction of Congress.”
  • For Democrats, impeachment was always a goal in search of an excuse. Once the Russia collusion hoax failed, they found another excuse within months.
  • Speaker Nancy Pelosi called impeachment a matter of “urgent” national security. Then she followed the fastest impeachment in history with the longest delay.
  • Under House Democrats’ new bar for impeachment, at least 20 former Presidents would’ve been removed from office, including George Washington.
  • Rep. Adam Schiff wants the Senate to do the House’s job for it and investigate. The House didn’t even bother to subpoena witnesses such as former National Security Adviser John Bolton that they now claim are crucial to hear.
  • Even Democrats’ own called witnesses testified that President Trump’s policy of lethal defense aid toward Ukraine is stronger than under President Obama.
  • The do-nothing Democrats keep putting politics first and the American people second. But President Trump is working hard and keeping his promises.
  • You don’t need to listen to secondhand sources: You can read the transcript!

“All you need in this case is the Constitution and your common sense,” Cipollone says.