Baseball legend Mariano Rivera awarded Medal of Freedom ⚾

Today, President Donald J. Trump presented the Presidential Medal of Freedom—America’s highest civilian honor—to one of the best closers in American sports history, former New York Yankees pitcher Mariano Rivera.

🎬 President Trump: He shines as an example of American greatness!

During 19 seasons in Major League Baseball, Rivera established himself as the greatest relief pitcher of all time. His legendary career began with the Yankees in 1990, with whom he became a 13-time All-Star and a 5-time World Series champion.

After hanging up the glove, Rivera became the first player in the history of the sport to be elected unanimously into the National Baseball Hall of Fame.

Off the field, Rivera is an incredible humanitarian and patriot. His Mariano Rivera Foundation, for example, has provided hundreds of scholarships and countless educational resources to underprivileged children.

Watch Rivera’s story of learning English: “I was the happiest man in baseball.”

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America’s economic miracle goes west

President Trump left for New Mexico this afternoon, the first stop of a three-day trip for the President out West. The timing couldn’t be better, as families across “the Land of Enchantment” feel the economic revival happening under this Administration.

New Mexico’s economy is flourishing, and it’s not difficult to see how—and when—it started happening. Since President Trump’s election, New Mexico’s unemployment rate has dropped from 6.5 percent to 4.9 percent. Nearly 35,000 jobs have been added in that span, many going to workers in the state’s blue-collar industries.

The state’s economic future looks bright, as well, with applications to start new businesses—the lifeblood of innovation and wage growth—up 29 percent in that time.

What explains the success? One reason is the rebirth of American industry under President Trump. One crucial sector to New Mexico’s economy, for example, is energy. In addition to general pro-growth policies such as tax cuts, the Trump Administration has prioritized removing burdens that used to weigh down American energy producers.

Today, crude oil production in New Mexico has skyrocketed more than 110 percent, hitting a record high last year. The state’s natural gas production has seen phenomenal growth, too, increasing by 40 percent since President Trump’s election.

These industries provide real value for middle-class families across America—and good-paying jobs for workers in places like New Mexico and elsewhere.

And as a border state, of course, no one knows firsthand more about the importance of real border security than New Mexico families and law enforcement officers. Otero County declared a state of emergency earlier this year while President Trump pressured Congress to help him address the security and humanitarian crisis at the border.

President Trump’s efforts are paying off, especially after successful negotiations led Mexico, Guatemala, and other countries to step up and do more to help American officials end the surge of illegal immigration and crime spilling across our border.

The border wall is going up fast!

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