The White House Blog: Dr. Jill Biden

  • Kicking Off Military Family Month

    Throughout our history, members of our military have put their lives on the line to defend our country and preserve our security. While this requires a tremendous personal sacrifice, it is also important to recognize the unyielding love and support that their families provide every step of the way to make this sacrifice possible. As a proud military mom myself, I know that when you have a family member who is in the military, the whole family serves too.

    Last week, I visited the Center for the Intrepid at Brooke Army Medical Center in San Antonio, Texas, where I had the opportunity to see firsthand how state-of-the art rehabilitation equipment like the FlowRider and zero-gravity treadmills are being incorporated into an innovative rehabilitation process for our wounded soldiers — it is truly remarkable. I also met with service members and military spouses stationed in San Antonio to discuss the challenges that are an inherent part of military life, such as constant relocation and missing family milestones due to deployments.

    We have asked a lot of service members and their families over the past decade. They have sacrificed so much on behalf of our country. I am proud to be part of an Administration that has supported our troops, veterans, and their families in historic ways. In April, First Lady Michelle Obama and I announced the unveiling of the Veterans Employment Center, an innovative tool to help veterans and spouses find career opportunities. As of this summer, all 50 states and the District of Columbia have adopted the Military Children’s Interstate Compact, which eases some of the burdens of transitions for military connected kids. And today, in honor of their service, President Obama signed a proclamation to establish November 2014 as Military Family Month.

  • Dr. Biden Highlights Strength and Service of America’s Military, Veterans and Their Families

    This week, Dr. Jill Biden traveled to San Antonio, Texas to highlight the strength of America’s service members, veterans, and their families. On Wednesday morning, Dr. Biden delivered remarks at Women in the World Texas:

    As Second Lady, during my travels across the country and around the world, I have had the honor of meeting remarkable people who lift us up…

    What I have learned along the way, is that no matter how difficult the situation, there are exceptional individuals who step up to the challenge; who go above and beyond to make an even bigger difference in their community. I see that type of extraordinary commitment in our service members, veterans, and their families, and I am always inspired by their strength, resilience, and pride.

    Afterwards, Dr. Biden visited the Center for the Intrepid at Brooke Army Medical Center (BAMC), which provides innovative rehabilitation for our wounded warriors.

    Dr. Jill Biden visits with Army 1st Lt. Kelly Elmlinger

    Dr. Jill Biden visits with Army 1st Lt. Kelly Elmlinger, from Brooke Army Medical Center’s Warrior Transition Battalion, at the Center for the Intrepid, Oct. 22, 2014. Elmlinger dominated at the Invictus Games for warrior-athletes in London, competing in track, field, cycling, swimming, wheelchair racing and cycling. U.S. Army photo by Robert Shields.

    Dr. Biden’s latest visit to BAMC was inspired by her trip last month to London for the Invictus Games, an international sporting event for wounded service members.


  • West Wing Week: 09/19/14 or, "You Guys Aren't Usually This Quiet, Are You?"

    Welcome to the West Wing Week, your guide to everything that's happening at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

    This week, the President celebrated the 20th anniversary of AmeriCorps, awarded the Medal of Honor to two American heroes, detailed U.S. efforts to combat the outbreak of Ebola in West Africa at the CDC in Atlanta, spoke to the troops at MacDill Air Force Base about our strategy against ISIL, before returning to meet with the Ukrainian President. That's September 12 to 19 or, "You guys aren't usually this quiet, are you?" 

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  • Dr. Jill Biden Cheers on Team USA at the Invictus Games in London

    Leading a Presidential Delegation, Dr. Jill Biden traveled to London this weekend to join athletes representing the United States at the Invictus Games -- an international sporting event for wounded, ill, and injured service members and veterans. "These games really show the spirit of the military and how they persevere and their resilience," Dr. Biden said.

    Watch as Dr. Biden cheers on these amazing athletes:

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    This trip is part of Dr. Biden’s ongoing efforts through the Joining Forces initiative to raise awareness and show appreciation for veterans, service members, and their families.

  • “You Are the Best of America”: Dr. Jill Biden on the U.S. Team Competing in the Invictus Games

    At the Naval Observatory last week, Vice President Biden and Dr. Jill Biden hosted a barbecue for the athletes representing the United States in the Invictus Games, an inspirational sporting event for wounded, ill and injured service members and veterans.  

    In her welcoming remarks, Dr. Biden said, "this barbecue is not just a way to celebrate your achievements in making the U.S. Team, it is also a small way of saying thank you—to our heroes—thank you for your service and your sacrifice."

    Watch the video:

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  • President Obama Engages with African Leaders on Final Day of the U.S.-Africa Leaders Summit

    President Barack Obama delivers remarks at the “Investing in Africa’s Future” session during the U.S.-Africa Leaders Summit

    President Barack Obama delivers remarks at the “Investing in Africa’s Future” session during the U.S.-Africa Leaders Summit at the U.S. Department of State in Washington, D.C., Aug. 6, 2014. (Official White House Photo by Pete Souza)

    President Obama and African leaders took part in three action-oriented sessions today as part of the U.S.-Africa Leaders Summit in Washington, D.C. The summit is the largest event any U.S. president has held with African heads of state and government, and builds on President Obama's trip to Africa last summer.

    In remarks at this morning's opening session, the President explained the purpose of the event and noted the progress across the African continent -- and what that means for America:

    We come together this week because, even as the continent faces significant challenges, as I said last night, I believe a new Africa is emerging.  With some of the world’s fastest-growing economies, a growing middle class, and the youngest and fastest-growing population on Earth, Africa will help shape the world as never before.

    Moreover, Africa’s progress is being led by Africans, including leaders represented here today.  More governments are embracing economic reforms, attracting record levels of investment.  Gains in development, increasing agricultural production, declining rates in infectious diseases are being driven by African plans.  African security forces and African peacekeepers are risking their lives to meet regional threats.  A new generation of young Africans is making its voice heard.  

    Africa’s rise means opportunity for all of us -- including the opportunity to transform the relationship between the United States and Africa.  As I said in Cape Town last year, it’s time for a new model of partnership between America and Africa -- a partnership of equals that focuses on African capacity to solve problems, and on Africa’s capacity to grow.  And that’s why we’re here.

  • Highlights from Dr. Biden's Trip to Africa

    Last month, Dr. Jill Biden traveled to Africa on a three-country visit, leading a delegation to Zambia, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and Sierra Leone. This trip focused on how girls’ education and women’s participation in government, the economy, and civil society can accelerate economic development, improve health and educational outcomes, strengthen democratic governance, and foster peace and security. 

    Dr. Biden had the opportunity to visit health clinics and a hospital for survivors of gender-based violence, speak at local schools to encourage the next generation to pursue their dreams, meet with women entrepreneurs who are spurring economic growth, and hear from women political leaders about their work to break barriers so more women can become voices of change in their communities.

    Check out this video of highlights from Dr. Biden’s recent trip to Africa:

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  • West Wing Week 07/11/14 or, "Responding to Your Letter...In Person!"

    This Fourth of July week, the President welcomed some newly naturalized Americans, and spent time with middle-class Americans in Denver and Austin, while Dr. Jill Biden wrapped up a week-long trip to Africa. 

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  • Dispatches with Dr. Biden: On the Road in the DRC

    Following Dr. Biden’s visit to Zambia, she traveled next to the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), her second stop on a three-country visit to Africa.

    Dr. Biden toured two cities in the DRC – Kinshasa, the country’s capital, and Bukavu, located in the eastern part of the Congo.


    In Kinshasa, Dr. Biden met with women entrepreneurs who are creating their own successful small businesses. The DRC is one of the poorest countries in the world and remains near the bottom of many important economic indicators, so entrepreneurs – especially women entrepreneurs – play a vital role in overcoming these challenges and diversifying the DRC’s economy for the benefit of its people.

    Among the successful female entrepreneurs that Dr. Biden met, Therese Izay Kirongoz’s story represents the important role women play in advancing and strengthening the global economy.

    Therese worked in restaurants while attending engineering school and spent three years developing traffic-directing robots. Now, in addition to running a chain of local restaurants, Therese manufactures and sells the robots and hopes to distribute her product to neighboring countries.

    “Like Therese, the steep challenges that all of you have overcome are truly remarkable. And your success – and your leadership – is instrumental in empowering more Congolese women to be successful,” Dr. Biden told the women entrepreneurs. “But we must do more to ensure that all women have the economic security and opportunities they deserve and their families need.”

  • West Wing Week 07/04/14 or, “Cynicism is a Choice… Hope is a Better Choice”

    This week, the President wrapped up a trip to Minneapolis, nominated a new VA Secretary, and caught some World Cup fever.