Delaware Air National Guard Base
New Castle, Delaware

4:12 P.M. EDT

Q    Have you made a final decision on how you’re going to approach your legislative agenda?  Is it going to be one bill, or are you going to split it up into multiple bills?

THE PRESIDENT:  I have, but I ain’t telling you.  (Laughs.)

Q    Any reaction to what happened in Myanmar?

THE PRESIDENT:  It’s terrible.  It’s absolutely outrageous.  And based on the reporting I’ve gotten, an awful lot of people have been killed totally unnecessarily.

Q    Senator Chris Murphy said today that he thinks there’s a chance to get 60 votes for a background check proposal.  Are you prepared to make calls to Republicans to try to get it over the finish line?

THE PRESIDENT:  Sure, I am.  Of course, I am.  I’m the only one that’s ever gotten it passed, man.  Everybody keeps wondering whether I cared about dealing with rational gun control.  The only gun control legislation ever passed was mine.  It’s going to happen again.

Q    Mr. President, how close are you to naming a national cyber director?


Q    Within days, sir?


Q    Close?

Q    (Inaudible) COVID cases are going up.  What’s going wrong in America?

THE PRESIDENT:  Well, based on what I’m hearing, apparently people are letting their guard down.  But I have — I’m having a meeting with the team tomorrow, and I’ll get a better sense.

Q    Mr. President, what have you given up for Lent?

THE PRESIDENT:  I gave up all sweets for Lent.  You have no idea how hard it is for me.

Q    What’s the first sweet you’re looking forward to having when it’s over?

THE PRESIDENT:  Ice cream.

Q    What are you going to do to sanction Myanmar?  What is the plan here for the U.S. reaction to what is going on?

THE PRESIDENT:  Well, we’re working on that now.

Q    Mr. President, we’ve seen Republican senators at the border.  Former President Trump said he’s been asked by some Border Patrol agents to go to the border.  Do you think that would be productive?  And when — any timetable on when you might go?

THE PRESIDENT:  We are putting in place a plan that I feel very confident about, and I don’t care what the other guy does.

Thank you.

Q    On Neera Tanden, sir, do you have a place in mind for her yet?

Q    How concerning is the emerging partnership between China and Iran?

THE PRESIDENT:  Been concerned about that for years.

4:14 P.M. EDT

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