Joint Base Andrews
Prince George’s County, Maryland

11:48 A.M. EDT

Q    Mr. President, can you confirm that you’re going to (inaudible) trillion dollar budget?

THE PRESIDENT:  I beg your pardon.

Q    Six trillion dollar budget.  Can you confirm the topline number?

THE PRESIDENT:  Well, we’ll confirm that — that’ll all be distributed.  And one of the things I want to tell you is that I haven’t had a chance yet to go over the details of the counteroffer made by Capito.  I’ll be — we’re going to meet sometime next week, and we’ll see if we can move that.  And I’ll have more to say about that at the time.

Q    What do you expect to get from your review — your 90-day review on where the origins of the coronavirus were?

THE PRESIDENT:  If I knew that, I wouldn’t ask for a 90-day review.  I don’t know.

Q    Will you pledge to release it in full?  Will you pledge to release the report in full after 90 days?

THE PRESIDENT:  Yes.  That’s — unless there’s something I’m unaware of.

Q    Sir, what do you think of the proposal?  Is the proposal too small for you from the Republicans?  What is your thought on it?

THE PRESIDENT:  I had a good conversation — very brief, but a good conversation — with Capito, the senator.  And I told her we would — she’s going to contact me next week.  I told her we have to finish this really soon.  And there’s another Republican group that also wants it (inaudible).

And — but we’re going to have to close this down soon.

11:50 A.M. EDT

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