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THE PRESIDENT:  We had a really good meeting.  And to answer your direct question, we have a deal.  And I think it’s really important — we’ve all agreed — that none of us got what we — all that we wanted.  I clearly didn’t get all I wanted.  They gave more than, I think, maybe they were inclined to give in the first place. 
But this reminds me of the days we used to get an awful lot done up at the United States Congress.  We actually worked with one — we had bipartisan deals.  Bipartisan deals means compromise.
One of the things that I’ve — I’ve made clear: I’ve signed on — and I’m going to let them give you the detail because — and you can ask them — and I’m — I will — I will talk to you all later, in the next hour or two.  What- — I promise you I’m not going away. 
But one of the things that we agreed on: infrastructure.  We made serious compromises on both ends.  There is — and they’ll — they’ll give you the numbers.  But we did not — they did not — and I understand their position — Republicans and this group did not want to go along with my — any of my Family Plan issues — the childcare tax credits, the human infrastructure that I talk about.
And that — we’ll see what happens in the reconciliation bill and the budget process — if that — if we get some compromise there.  And if we can’t, see if I can attract all the Democrats to a position that is there.  But we’re going to — they’re going to move on a dual track.  And — and that’s all I’ll say.
But I want to thank each and every one of them.  It’s been — you know, a lot of us go back a long way, where we’re used to doing one thing: Give each other our word and that’s the end.  Nobody questions it.  They have my word, I’ll stick with what they proposed, and they’ve given me their word as well. So, where I come from, that’s good enough for me. 
So, I’m going to turn it over to the two Chairs here.  And I’ll talk to you all a little bit later. 
Q    Have you been briefed about the building collapse in Miami? 
THE PRESIDENT:  I have.  I spoke with the mayor.  I spoke with the congresswoman.  And I’ll have more to say about that as well.
Q    Are you committed to the two-track system, Mr. President?
THE PRESIDENT:  Pardon me?
Q    Are you committed to the two-track system?
THE PRESIDENT:  That is — there is going to be a two-track system.
Q    And are you confident that you’re going to have all of the Democrats support it in the Senate?
THE PRESIDENT:  Let them talk to you. Okay?  I’m not confident in anything except I trust their word.

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