East Room

3:06 P.M. EDT

THE VICE PRESIDENT:  Good afternoon.  Please have a seat.  Good afternoon, everyone. 

The President has been clear that every day, in every way, our administration will work on behalf of the American people. 

And this has been true as we delivered historic relief through the American Rescue Plan to families and small businesses, as we continue the fight to pass legislation to protect and strengthen the sacred right to vote, and as we continue the work to strengthen our nation’s care economy. 

And this is true today, because today we move one step closer to making a once-in-a-generation investment in our nation’s infrastructure.  Today, Democrats, independents, and Republicans in the United States Senate passed the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act. 

So, let me describe just a little bit about why this bill is so important.  It is an investment in the roads and bridges we drive on every day to get our kids to school.  It is an investment in the public transit we rely on to get to work.  It will mean people in our nation won’t have to drink water from lead pipes or go to a fast food parking lot to get high-speed Internet. 

This bill will also establish a national network of electric vehicle chargers — the President has been fighting for for a long time — and build toward a national fleet of electric school buses. 

And the way I see it: An investment in infrastructure, it provides people with what they need to get where they need to go.  This bill that passed the Senate today gives people what they need to get where they need to go. 

And it will do that while also creating millions of good union jobs for our nation’s workers.  It will do that while also helping our nation’s businesses compete worldwide. 

And so, just so we are clear: We are not going to raise middle-class taxes to pay for it, because that’s what the President promised and that is what we must deliver.

This afternoon, I was proud to preside over the Senate vote.  And I want to thank the senators who worked together to pass this bill.  I also thank the members of the House, who will now work to get this bill to the President’s desk. 

And, first and foremost, we would not be here today were it not for the leadership of our President, Joe Biden.  Mr. President, from the very start, you welcomed ideas, you welcomed debate, you welcomed Democrats and independents and Republicans to meet with us in the Oval Office. 

In those meetings, I watched as you listened.  In those meetings, you deliberated.  You were determined to bring all sides together and to deliver real results for the people of our nation. 

And I know that even after this vote, our work will not stop.  Even when you sign the bill into law, our work will not stop.  We will never stop working on behalf of the American people. 

So, thank you, Mr. President.  Thank you.  Thank you. 

And now it is my great honor to introduce the President of the United States, Joe Biden. 

3:10 P.M. EDT

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