JW Marriott Hanoi
Hanoi, Vietnam

     THE VICE PRESIDENT:  Well, I would like to say that, on behalf of the United States, we are very excited about this symbol of our enduring relationship with Vietnam. 

     And for anyone who may not be aware of the small print, it’s a 99-year lease.  (Laughter and applause.)  And we — we have visions and — and a dream, which is going to be achieved when we build this structure, of it being a home and a facility where many important things will happen, where Vietnamese students will go to apply for visas to continue in the longstanding tradition of Vietnamese students seeking an education in the United States. 

     Within those walls, we expect that there will be many very important meetings that range from the agreements and the work we will do together on trade, to the work that we will do together dealing with new technologies and thinking of new areas of focus and cooperation. 

     So, we are very excited about this as a symbol of the ongoing relationship — the working relationship between the United States and Vietnam.  And we thank everyone and, in particular, the leaders in Vietnam for being so welcoming, and for the agreement for our continued cooperation and partnership.

     Thank you.  (Applause.)

     Q    Madam Vice President, what is your message to embassy staff on the Havana Syndrome attacks?

     THE VICE PRESIDENT:  Here’s my message — here’s my message to embassy staff: Thank you.  The people who work in our embassies around the world are extraordinary public servants who represents the best of what the United States believes itself to be and aspires to be, which is a good neighbor to our partners and allies around the globe. 

     And in particular, in this last year and a half, our staff at our embassies around the world have done their work at great personal sacrifice because of COVID — because of the confinements, the restrictions that has placed on their natural desire and ability to be present, to be in the communities, to engage in the best of what diplomacy can produce. 

     So, to our embassy staff, to our Chargé d’Affaires, I thank you, on behalf of the President and myself, for doing the work on the ground every day in representing the best of the United States in our commitment to our partnerships around the globe and here in Vietnam. 

     Thank you.

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