National Renewable Energy Laboratory
Flatirons Campus
Arvada, Colorado

2:41 P.M. MDT
THE PRESIDENT:  (In progress.)  I tell you what, man — by the way, they tell me the ones that are going to be offshore are going to be 100 meters long. 
THE PRESIDENT:  Twice as long as — as big as this, per blade.
Q    What have you learned on this trip, sir?
THE PRESIDENT:  I learned on this trip that we made a great investment in this laboratory.  I was out here in 2011.  It’s expanded considerably, and we’ve brought down — just in the time that I was running the Recovery Act, we brought down the cost of energy generated by wind and solar cheaper than the cost of a new coal plant.
These guys are changing the world, man.  No, they really — not a joke.
Q    Mr. President, would you sign a reconciliation package with slimmed-down climate measures?
THE PRESIDENT:  I’m for more climate measures.
2:43 P.M. MDT

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