South Lawn

(October 5, 2021)

Q    Mr. President, are you okay if the Hyde Amendment is in the reconciliation bill?

THE PRESIDENT:  Is it in the reconciliation bill?

Q    Are you okay if — the progressives want it in there, but Joe Manchin has said he does not want it in there.

THE PRESIDENT:  I want to get the bill passed.

Q    So, what — would you sign it if the Hyde Amendment is included?

THE PRESIDENT:  I’d sign it either way because the Hyde Amendment is — anyway.

Q    What do you think is going to get cut from the final bill now that there is this agreed upon (inaudible) —

THE PRESIDENT:  Oh, I’m not sure yet.  We’re not — it’s not finished yet.

Q    Are Democrats considering using the nuclear option to raise the debt limit — using a carveout with the filibuster to raise the debt limit? 

THE PRESIDENT:  Oh, I think that’s a real possibility. 

Q    Mr. President, are you meeting with other groups of lawmakers this weekend — will you be meeting with more lawmakers —


Q    — with more Democrats? 

THE PRESIDENT:  I’ll be on the phone until this is finished, and maybe meeting in person. 

Q    Any comment towards China — China’s provocation over Taiwan?

THE PRESIDENT:  Look, China has — I’ve spoken with Xi about Taiwan.  We agree we — we’ll abide by the Taiwan agreement.  That’s who we are.  And we made it clear that I don’t think he should be doing anything other than abiding by the agreement. 

Q    Mr. President, the FDA commissioner — Mr. President, the FDA commissioner — Mr. President, FDA commissioner —

THE PRESIDENT:  Why didn’t I walk away from you?  You’re trouble.

Q    I know, but I have more questions.  Do you have a nominee for the FDA commissioner job yet? 

THE PRESIDENT:  We’ll be talking about that in a little bit. 


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