4:19 P.M. GMT
PRESIDENT BIDEN:  Well, it’s wonderful to see you again, Mr. President.
Last week, at the virtual ASEAN Summit, to the G20 meeting, to COP26, Indonesia and the United States have been working together, and we’ve enjoyed it very much.
And today, I’m looking forward to building more on our bilateral relationship because we have so much that we can work together on and so much in common.
Mr. President, Indonesia is a vital strategic partner to the United States.  And your leadership in the Indo-Pacific is essential, and I’m looking forward to a successful presidency of the G20 next year.
And our nations also share a strong commitment to our democratic values and respect for the rule of law and international order.
From addressing the climate crisis to ending the COVID-19 pandemic to upholding freedom of the seas, there’s no global challenge today that doesn’t benefit from Indonesia and the United States working together.
Well, again, there’s much to talk about, but I’m taking too much time.  I’m looking forward to our conversation today and to continue in our working relationship.
PRESIDENT WIDODO:  President Biden, it is an honor for me to meet you again.  Congratulations, once again, on Your Excellency’s inauguration as president.
PRESIDENT BIDEN:  Thank you.  Thank you for recognizing it.  (Laughs.)

PRESIDENT WIDODO:  I believe, under Your Excellency’s leadership, we can further strengthen our cooperation. 
I appreciate President Biden’s leadership in various global issues — climate change, green energy, COVID-19, and democracy.
Allow me to convey my appreciation for our cooperation during the pandemic through the doses-sharing mechanism in which I received 13.4 million doses of vaccines and 1,000 ventilator unit, therapeutic medicine, and other medical equipment.
Once again, thank you.
PRESIDENT BIDEN:  It’s an honor.  Thank you. 
4:23 P.M. GMT

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