South Lawn

2:23 P.M. EST

Q    Mr. President, when do you expect the bill to hit your desk, sir?

Q    Do you have any — do you have any reaction to the Kyle Rittenhouse verdict?

THE PRESIDENT:  I just heard a moment ago. 

Q    Do you have any reaction?

THE PRESIDENT:  I — I didn’t watch the trial, so I — you know —

Q    Do you stand by your past comment equating him to white supremacy?

THE PRESIDENT:  Well, look, I stand by what the jury has concluded.  The jury system works, and we have to abide by it.

Q    Sir, what is the state of your health, sir?  What is the state of your health after this exam today?

THE PRESIDENT:  Good.  They’re going to release all the detail.  I feel great.  Nothing has changed.  We’re in great shape.  And so, you know, I’m looking forward to celebrating my 58th birthday.  (Laughter.)

Q    Sir, on the Build Back Better plan, sir — when can you expect it to hit your desk, sir, now that it’s passed the House? 

THE PRESIDENT:  Pardon me?

Q    The Build Back Better plan — now that it’s passed the House, when do you expect it to land on your desk?

THE PRESIDENT:  Well, I don’t —

Q    What’s the goal?

THE PRESIDENT:  I don’t know.  It’s going to take a while to get through the Senate.  I think it will probably be after Thanksgiving. 

Q    Will you sign it if it doesn’t contain paid family leave?

THE PRESIDENT:  I will sign it.  Period.

Q    Will you be pardoning any people in addition to turkeys? 

THE PRESIDENT:  Are you — you need a pardon? 

Q    No, (inaudible) humans — (inaudible).

THE PRESIDENT:  No, no — (laughs) — the turkeys.

Thank you. 

2:25 P.M. EST

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