Downtown Mayfield
Mayfield, Kentucky

12:25 P.M. CST
Q    Can you tell us your impressions of what you’ve seen so far?
THE PRESIDENT:  What I’ve seen so far is a group of incredible people pulling together, helping each other.  And they’re hopeful.  And we’re going to stay until this gets finished and totally reconstructed. 
A lot of people are going through a God-awful mess now.  And right now, they’re just recovering from the shock of it all.  But in a month, in two months, in three months, when things are going to get really — they’re going to get really worried because they’re not — it’s not — can’t all be done that quickly. 
But we’re not leaving.  We’re not going to leave.  I promise you, the federal government is going to be involved until this gets rebuilt, this whole — not just here, but particularly here, but also the other states as well.
You know, we’ve got $99 billion worth of damage just this year — just this year — because of foul weather and climate change.  And so we’re going to get it done.
And I’ve — I’ve been impressed how everybody is working together.  I really mean it.  It’s just amazing.  The stories I’ve heard are all personal stories, not stories about “I lost…”, “I did this.”  They’re talking about other people and helping other people.  It’s just been amazing, and — but not surprising.
12:27 P.M. CST

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