American School of Warsaw
Warsaw, Poland

2:52 P.M. CET

THE VICE PRESIDENT:  This afternoon I have invited and asked these very important people to join me for a conversation about their experiences and also their thoughts about what we can do — the United States and our allies in this region and around the world — to support the many people that have been displaced through the necessity to flee Ukraine and the harm that it represents at this moment. 

And so, I want to thank each of you for your willingness, your courage, and your time to have this important conversation. 

The latest numbers I’ve received tell me that there are 1.4 million people, at least, that have fled Ukraine just in the last couple of weeks.

I just met with President Duda of Poland to talk about the commitment the United States has, partnering with Poland and our other Allies, to support the individuals and families that have had to flee Ukraine. 

And so the conversation we will have this afternoon will help inform me, the President of the United States, and the American people about what you have experienced so that we can best support you and your families. 

So I thank you for agreeing to come here to have this conversation.  You’ve been through so much.  And the people at this table represent, at this point, over a million people who must be seen, their stories must be known so that we as a community of people around the world can support you. 

And I — and I do want to say what we will talk about after the press left — leaves, which is: We are here to support you, and you are not alone.  And I know there’s so much about the experience that you’ve had that has made you feel alone.  You are not alone.  We, around the world, are watching.  People around the world are expressing their support and asking how they can help. 

So with that, I want to thank all of you for being here.  And I will thank the press for being here.  And now we’re going to have a conversation.

END                 2:55 P.M. CET

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