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8:45 A.M. EDT

     Q    Mr. President, what would you like to say to European partners?  What would you like to say to European partners?

     MR. PRESIDENT:  I’m going to say that to their face.  I’m going to say — all I have to say, I’m going to say when I get there. 

     But I’ll be happy to talk to you guys when I get back or —  how many — are you coming?

     Q    They’re there.  They’re there.

     Q    (Inaudible.)

     MR. PRESIDENT:  (Laughs.)  I know.

     Q    Mr. President, how concerned — how concerned are you about the threat of chemical warfare right now, that Russia will use chemical weapons?  How high is that threat?

     MR. PRESIDENT:  I think it’s a real threat.

     Thank you.  Thanks.

8:46 A.M. EDT

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