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Q    Two questions for you, to start.

THE VICE PRESIDENT:  (Inaudible).  (Laughs.)

Q    Okay, two questions for you.  First, do you have any reaction to the latest sanctions from Russia that would bar your entry into the country?

And then, second, on Title 42, would you be in favor of delaying the ending of it, especially as a few members of your own party have kind of pushed back?  Is that something that’s under consideration?

THE VICE PRESIDENT:  So, let’s be very clear about where we stand in terms of Russia: As far as I’m concerned — and I think, objectively, many people will agree — that their invasion of Ukraine has not only been steeped in atrocities but will proof to be a strategic failure for Russia.

What we have done most recently, and the President did a speech this morning talking about what we will continue to do as a — one of our highest commitments to continue to support the Ukrainian people, President Zelenskyy with what we can in terms of economic assistance, humanitarian assistance.  But also, with equal fervor, we are absolutely committed to continuing with the serious consequences and costs to Russia of its act of aggression and, as the President has rightly said, with its criminal conduct.

And so that has included what we will continue to do to issue sanctions, as we just announced, but all with an understanding that one of our highest priorities is sovereignty and territorial integrity as a — is solid principle that binds and unifies the NATO Alliance, to your point about NATO. 

And so we’re going to continue to do that work, and we’re not going to give up.

Thank you.                           END

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