Tokyo, Japan

2:36 P.M. JST

PRESIDENT BIDEN:  Well, Mr. Prime Minister, it’s a pleasure to see you again here in Japan.  We just finished, I thought, a very productive morning together at the Quad Leaders’ Summit. 

And our — on our video call in April, you highlighted the need for democracies to deliver.  I think that’s what we’re doing today.  We’re talking about how to deliver through the Quad and the U.S.-India cooperation as well.  And so, we’re delivering for our people and for the wider world.

Do I want to stop for interpretation? 

INTERPRETER:  Yes, sir.  Yes, sir.

PRESIDENT BIDEN:  I think it’s a good idea.  (Laughter.)

And here in Tokyo, we announced two new initiatives — the Indo-Pacific Economic Framework and the Indo-Pacific Maritime Domain Awareness program — that’s going to bring India and the United States together with other nations to reflect our vision for a more open and more prosperous, connected, and secure world.

I’m pleased that we’ve reached agreement for the U.S. Development Finance Corporation to continue its important work in India supporting vaccine production, clean energy initiatives.  And I am also glad we’re renewing the Indo-U.S. Vaccine Action Program.

We also discussed the ongoing effects of Russia’s brutal and unjustified invasion of Ukraine and the effect it has on the entire global world order.  And the U.S. and India are going to continue consulting closely on how to mitigate these negative effects.

I’m looking forward to continuing our conversation today.  Mr. Prime Minister, there’s so much that our countries can and will do together, and I am committed to making the U.S.-India partnership among the closest we have on Earth.

Thank you.

PRIME MINISTER MODI:  (As interpreted.)  Mr. President, it’s always a pleasure to meet you.  And today, we also participated together in a very positive and useful Quad Summit.

The India-America strategic partnership is, in the true sense, a partnership of trust.

Our common interests — our common interests in defense and other relations — in defense and other matters, and our shared values, have indeed strengthened this bond of trust between our two countries.

Our people-to-people relations and our strong economic cooperation makes our partnership even more unique. 

Our trade and investment relations are also steadily on the rise, but they are still well below potential. 

I am absolutely confident that with the conclusion of the India-USA Investment Incentive Agreement, we will see concrete progress in investment between our two countries.

We’re also increasing bilateral cooperation in the domain of technology.  And even on global issues, we cooperate closely.

We both share similar views on the Indo-Pacific.  And at the bilateral level, as well as with likeminded countries, we continue to work to protect our common concerns.

The Quad and the IPEF are two important examples of this cooperation.  And I believe that our discussions today will give even further speed to this positive momentum.

I’m absolutely sure that the India-U.S. friendship will continue to be a force for good, for global peace and stability, for sustainability of the planet, and for human development.

PRESIDENT BIDEN:  So am I.  Thank you.

2:45 P.M. JST


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