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The sudden, senseless massacre in an elementary school—little children and their teachers, Eva and Irma. Let us pray that God cradles these broken families in the palm of his hand. But let us also pray that we use the will and courage that God gives each of us so we can act—united with common sense—to protect our children.

I’ve always said that food is love. But food is life, too.

Like all of us, I have been heartbroken to hear the stories of parents searching for formula. As a mom and a nana, it’s impossible to hear stories of children suffering and not imagine your own children in the same position. Food is the first and most important way we nurture our children.

Joe and his team have put solutions into place to get formula back on the shelves.

Thank you to Nestle and FedEx for your partnership in this. Thank you to Tarun Malkani, and Gerber, for his leadership. And I want to thank the devoted service members of U.S. Transportation Command for their critical role in Operation Fly Formula.

There’s more to do. We know that. Joe knows that. As Dr. Murthy said, these shipments are only one part of the strategy.

I am here today to say to parents: You aren’t alone. At the highest levels of Joe’s Administration, he and his team understand what you are going through. They won’t stop until every parent can get the formula their child needs.

Thank you.


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