Vice President’s Residence
United States Naval Observatory
Washington, D.C.

8:59 A.M. EDT
VICE PRESIDENT HARRIS:  It is my great pleasure to welcome my friend, the President of Mexico.  He and I have spent some wonderful time together both in Mexico City and here in Washington, D.C.  But it is my great honor to receive you at my home. 
The time that I spent with you in Mexico was so special to me.  We spent time looking at the art, talking about the culture, and, of course, talking about the relationship between our two nations. 
So welcome, my friend.  I look forward to our discussion and to continuing our partnership — longstanding partnership based on traditions and based on a friendship that has been so important to both of our nations.  Welcome.
PRESIDENT LÓPEZ OBRADOR:  (As interpreted.)  I am so happy about this meeting today with Vice President Kamala Harris.  She’s our friend but also a woman with principles, an intelligent woman, honest.  She’s a partisan of equality.
So I congratulate the U.S., the American people, because they have a first-order Vice President.  I congratulate the American people for that.
We’ve always been speaking for the benefit of our peoples and both of our nations.  And today, we are going to do exactly the same thing.
Thank you so much.
VICE PRESIDENT HARRIS:  Welcome.  Welcome.
PRESIDENT LÓPEZ OBRADOR:  (As interpreted.)  Thank you. 
                         END                 9:03 A.M. EDT

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