South Lawn

Q   Sir, will you go to Mississippi?

THE PRESIDENT:  Can’t hear you.

Q    Will you go to Mississippi?

THE PRESIDENT:  No, I’ve been talking to Mississippi.  I’ve talked to the mayor.  I’ve talked to the congressman.  And I’ve encouraged — we have — we’ve offered every single thing available to Mississippi.  The governor has to act.  There is money to deal with this problem.  And — but I just — we’re waiting for — we’ve given them EPA, the — we’ve given them everything there is to offer.

Q    But there is no plans to go there.  Is that correct?

THE PRESIDENT:  I have no plan to go there right now, no.

Q    Mr. President, what is your response to conservatives who want to challenge your student loan plan in court?

THE PRESIDENT:  Who want to what?

Q    Challenge your student loan plan in court.

THE PRESIDENT:  They have a right to do that.

Do you have a student loan?  (Laughs.)

Q    Do I have a student loan?  No.  Do you, sir?


Q    I bet you a lot of your staff does.

THE PRESIDENT:  Well, I — they may.  I don’t — no one has told me they have.

Q    Have you been briefed on Iran’s response to the U.S. proposal — on the nuclear deal?

THE PRESIDENT:  I haven’t gotten — I’ve been briefed, but unless something happened in the last two hours —

Q    Yeah.

THE PRESIDENT:  (Inaudible.)

Q    They — they responded to — they replied to the U.S. response.

THE PRESIDENT:  Yeah, I haven’t heard it yet.  Okay.  I’ll find out when I walk in the door, I suspect.

Q    Mr. President, what’s your response to Afghans that are still stuck around the world and are wanting to come here to the U.S. and are trying to get here through the refugee program?
THE PRESIDENT:  Well, I think they have to — they’re like everyone else trying to get here, and I think they have a right to try to get here.  And if we can, we should accommodate them.


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