Delaware Air National Guard Base

New Castle, Delaware

Q    Could I start by asking you: A lot of the families, they want justice done for the people who were responsible for 9/11.  And some of them have been sitting in Guantanamo for two decades.  Do you have a plan to deal with that, sir?
THE PRESIDENT:  The families of — the families in Guantanamo?
Q    No, the families of the people who were victims on 9/11.
THE PRESIDENT:  Yes, there is a plan for that.
Q    So what about — do you know what’s going on in Ukraine right now?  There’s the reports that Russia is, like, on the run in large parts of it.  What’s happening?
THE PRESIDENT:  Yes, I do.  But I’m not going to speak to that now because things are in process.
Q    Have you spoken with the King?
THE PRESIDENT:  Not to — no, I — I have spoken to him many times, but I haven’t spoken to him since he’s become king.
Thank you so much.

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