The Tatnall School
Wilmington, Delaware

7:21 P.M. EDT

Q    Mr. President, can you come talk to us about the railroad negotiations?
Q    Mr. President, is this a turning point in the war in Ukraine?
THE PRESIDENT:  The question is unanswerable right now.  It’s hard to tell.  It’s clear the Ukrainians have made significant progress, but I think it’s going to be a long haul.
Q    Mr. President, can you tell us about the inflation report numbers today and the resulted dive in the stock market?
THE PRESIDENT:  The stock market doesn’t necessarily reflect the state of the economy, as you well know.  And the economy is still strong.  Unemployment is low.  Jobs are up.  Manufacturing is good.
So I think it’s — I think we’re going to be fine.
Q    Are you worried about the inflation number, though, sir?
THE PRESIDENT:  No, I’m not, because we’re talking about one tenth of 1 percent.  And, you know — anyway.  Thank you.
7:23 P.M. EDT

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