10:22 A.M. EDT

Q    What’s your reaction to the OPEC+ decision, Mr. President?
THE PRESIDENT:  Disappointment.  And we’re looking at what alternatives we may have.
(Addressing other reporters.)  Don’t hurt him, man.  Don’t — you’re knocking him through the wire. 
Q    Is Venezuela one of those alternatives?
THE PRESIDENT:  There’s a lot of alternatives.  We haven’t made up our mind yet.
Q    Will you meet President Putin at the G20 Summit, sir?  Will you meet President Putin at the G20 Summit or APEC Summit to talk about Ukraine and (inaudible)?
THE PRESIDENT:  That remains to be seen. 
Q    What would Venezuela have to do in order for the U.S. to ease sanctions?
Q    What does the OPEC move say about your relationship with the Saudis?  Are there any regrets about that trip now?
THE PRESIDENT:  No.  The — the trip was not essentially for oil.  The trip was about the Middle East and about Israel and rationalization of positions. 
But it is a disappointment, and it says that there are problems.

10:24 A.M. EDT

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