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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Q    Madam Vice President, what’s the significance of you and President Biden being in PA today?  Do you think Mr. Fetterman can win this election?

THE VICE PRESIDENT:  I absolutely do believe that John Fetterman will win this election.  But it’s going to require everybody to understand what’s at stake, and so much is at stake.

When we look at the fact that — for example, just by way of contrast between he and his opponent, we’re looking at Social Security and Medicare being on the line, in terms of threats.  We’re looking at the threat of a national abortion.

And I think the people of Pennsylvania believe — I mean, this is the birthplace of — of the concept of freedom and liberty.  It is — it is the place that has always fought — it was the first place to really fight for understanding what it means for individuals to have freedom and liberty.

And so when we look at what’s happening, which is over the next 11 days, people are voting — Election Day is in 11 days — I urge everyone to really exercise the power of their voice through their vote.

And the reality of it is that John Fetterman is a fighter.  We know that about him.  He has the character, he has the desire to represent the people and to do it in a way that — he understands what struggle means.  He understands what it means to overcome and to support people who are trying to get through the day, get through the week, and get through the month.

And that’s the kind of fighter he is.  He is a fighter for working people.  And we see that about him.  We know that about his character.  So that’s why I’m here.

Q      And can I ask you briefly about Speaker Pelosi and —


Q    — her husband?  What was your message to her, and have you spoken to her today?

THE VICE PRESIDENT:  I did talk with Speaker Pelosi this morning.  And, I mean, this was an act of extreme violence.  And I think we’re looking at a — at a time in our country where there is so much discourse that is fueled by hate and division.  And anyone who professes to be a leader, I think, has to really understand the meaning and the — and the impact of their words and their posture on these things.

I pray for Paul’s recovery.  I know the Pelosis, and it — this is tragic.  Somebody literally broke into their home, saying, “Where’s Nancy?”  And — and I — I strongly believe that we all, each one of us, have to speak out against hate, we have to speak out against violence, obviously, and speak to our better selves.

There is absolutely room, and it is important to have public discourse when there are disagreements about policy.  But what we’ve been seeing recently is so base, in terms of the — reducing it down to something that I think is beneath the dignity and the intelligence of the American people.


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