Ted M. Gallegos Community Center
Albuquerque, New Mexico

3:32 P.M. MDT

THE PRESIDENT:  Hello, hello, hello.  (Applause.)  How are you all doing?  (Applause.)  I’m sorry there’s no room inside. 
I’m here for an overwhelming reason: You got the best governor in America right here — (applause) — and you got to re-elect her.  (Applause.)

Remember, this is not a referendum; this a choice.  And the choice is stark between who we are, who she is, and who her opponent is.  So let’s get going. 
You got to show up and vote.  We need you to.

I’m going to — I’m going to turn this over to the boss.

GOVERNOR LUJAN GRISHAM:  Hey, New Mexico.  (Applause.)  You braved the wind.  You braved — although it’s getting warmer and less windy, but we’re no stranger to that here.
You guys are why it matters.  You lift your families up.  You fight hard for your neighbors and your neighborhood.  This is what democracy looks like.  (Applause.)
And know this —
AUDIENCE MEMBER:  Joe Biden, can I have a selfie?  (Laughter.)
GOVERNOR LUJAN GRISHAM:  And they know what to ask for.  (Laughter.)  
Know this — this partnership is about making sure that we never forget to stop fighting for each and every one of you. 
I love you.  (Applause.)
THE PRESIDENT:  Every time I’d walk out of my grandpop’s house, he’d yell, “Joey, keep the faith.”  My grandmother would yell, “No, Joey, spread it.”  Go spread the faith.  God bless.  (Applause.)
3:33 P.M. MDT

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