John O’ Groats Restaurant
Los Angeles, California

Q    Madam Vice President, what’s your message to the people of California and L.A. today?
THE VICE PRESIDENT:  We, as Californians, always are engaged.  And let’s be engaged again today.  Today is Election Day.  There is so much on the ballot.  Let’s vote for Karen Bass for mayor.  Let’s restore our democracy.  Proposition 1 is very important.  We need to restore the rights of women to make decisions about their own body, not having their government tell them what to do.  So let’s put that into law so it can’t be manipulated. 
But there’s so much at stake.  And one of the most important expressions of love of country is to vote and to participate as part of our civic duty and our responsibility — our individual responsibility to uphold our democracy.  And one of the great ways we do that is by getting out to vote.
Q    And what does it mean for you to have the Vice President here with you of all days on Election Day? 
REPRESENTATIVE BASS:  I told her it means the world to me to be here.  The message that that sends — that the way we are going to solve our problems in L.A. is to make sure that all levels of government are aligned.  And how more aligned could we be than to have the Vice President of the United States here? 
Q    Madam Vice President, if Republicans take control over Congress, how do you plan to work with them to advance your agenda and to make sure that your priorities are still achieved?
THE VICE PRESIDENT:  Well, I’m working that that doesn’t happen.
THE VICE PRESIDENT:  So today is still Election Day. 

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