Mexico City, Mexico

I am truly honored to be with you all this afternoon. Thank you for this very warm welcome. Dr. Gutiérrez Müller and I met last year when I had the pleasure of hosting her, and her son Jesus, at the White House for Cinco de Mayo. And a few months later, I was able to show her the Library of Congress in Washington D.C. We had a wonderful time walking the historic halls—filled with books that tell the stories of our countries. 

I was struck then, by how much we have in common: our love of literature and our passion for learning and for helping others learn. Our friendship grew out of that shared love. So, yesterday when I saw Beatriz, it was like reuniting with an old friend. Thank you for making my visit to Mexico City so very special.

Art is powerful. 

Poetry and prose, dance and music, they can unite us across time, and languages, and borders. They show us that our differences are precious and our similarities infinite.

We’ve just marked the 200th year of bilateral relations between our two nations. Over the centuries of our partnership, many things have changed, but the deepest ties that bind us remain the same.

We share an understanding that freedom—of faith, of speech, of press—is the foundation of democracy—and that the voice of the people can never truly be silenced.

We believe that family makes us whole. That these bonds—forged or found, created by choice or chance—give us refuge from the sorrows of life, strength for the trials we face, and a home that can never be taken away.

We believe that love is the mortar that holds us together. Love for each other—that inspires us to give our hearts, no matter the cost. Love for our countries—that pushes us to fight for justice and opportunity. Love for our world—that makes us bold and brave, so we can build the better future that we know we need.

And I see that future here today—in you and students like you around the globe. The talent, and creativity, and new ideas inside of you will touch lives far beyond your borders. You will help shape our world.

That’s why Beatriz’ work and this event mean so much. And it’s why we’re going to work together to make sure your future is bright. 

So, to the next generation of poets and singers, dancers and dreamers—each of you have something special and unique to offer—I hope you are inspired to keep reading and most of all, to tell your own stories. Your voice is more powerful than you know. 

Thank you.


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