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Q    Talk to us about Tyre Nichols, Mr. President.
THE PRESIDENT:  Yes.  I spoke with Tyre’s mother and expressed my condolences, and told her that I was going to be making the case to the Congress to pass the George Floyd Act.  We should get this under control.  I can only do so much in an executive order at a federal level. 
And — and the prayers — I was really pleased that she called for no — peaceful protests, no — no violence, no movement at all.  And so, I — you know, I spoke with her about, I don’t know, 10, 15 minutes.  And —
Q    How concerned are you, sir, about the violence and the potential for that?
THE PRESIDENT:  Well — well, I am.  I’m — I’m obviously very concerned about it.  But I think she has made a very strong plea.  She’s obviously in enormous pain. 
She talked about, as you heard her when she spoke publicly — but she also talked about how — how she didn’t know what she was going to do.  And I told her that — that it — that — I told her I had some idea of what that loss was like and that although it’s impossible to believe now, the time will come when his memory brings a smile before a tear.  And she said she already is thinking about what — what he would want her to do, which is — which is very positive.  So —
Q    What is at stake tonight, sir, with the nation watching this video tape and what could happen?  What is at stake?
THE PRESIDENT:  What’s at stake is, first of all, innocent people’s lives, number one. 
Number two, it has a lot to say and do with the image of America.  It has a lot to do with whether or not we are the country we say we are — that we’re a country of law and order and means by which we can peacefully protest and let the courts make their judgments.
Thank you very much.    
5:51 P.M. EST     

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