South Lawn

10:08 A.M. EST
Q    What’s behind the decision to end the COVID emergency, Mr. President?
THE PRESIDENT:  What did you say?
Q    What’s behind your decision to end the COVID emergency?
THE PRESIDENT:  Well, the emergency will end when the Supreme Court ends it.  We’ve extended it to May the 15th to make sure we get everything done.  That’s all.  There’s nothing behind it at all. 
Q    Are you going to sit down with the Special Counsel?  Will you sit down with the Special Counsel?
THE PRESIDENT:  (Addresses the next reporter.)  Yeah.
Q    Have you spoken with Zelenskyy recently?  And what are you going to tell him about his further requests?
THE PRESIDENT:  We’re going to talk.
Q    Will you negotiate with Speaker McCarthy?
THE PRESIDENT:  Show me his budget. 
Q    (Inaudible.)
THE PRESIDENT:  Show me his budget!
10:09 A.M. EST

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