Munich, Germany

VICE PRESIDENT HARRIS:  Prime Minister, it is good to meet you, and I look forward to our discussion. 
As we all know, the relationship between the UK and the United States is a very important one, and you are among our greatest of allies.  And certainly, all of us are here in Munich to discuss many issues, but predominantly our concern about Russia’s aggression in Ukraine and our transatlantic community and how it has risen to meet the needs of supporting the Ukrainian people. 
And ours is an enduring relationship.  And I look forward to talking with you about the work that we have done and, more importantly, the work that we will continue to do together. 
So, thank you for that.
PRIME MINISTER SUNAK:  Well, Madam Vice President, it is a great privilege to see you too for the first time. 
And thank you for your kind words about the relationship between our two countries, which I completely agree with.  And there can be no better illustration of that than our joint response to the awful conflict in Ukraine where we have stood together and led, I think, the world in providing steadfast support to Ukraine so it can defend itself and push back against Russian aggression. 
And I know, in your speech, in my speech, we both agreed that that is the right strategy —
PRIME MINISTER SUNAK:  — and one that we hope everyone continues to follow. 
So I look forward to discussing more about that with you in a moment, but also the many other things that we cooperate so closely on. 
VICE PRESIDENT HARRIS:  Thank you, Prime Minister. 
PRIME MINISTER SUNAK:  It’s a great pleasure.

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