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5:38 P.M. EST

Q    Sir, what do you make of Eli Lilly’s decision on insulin — capping prices at $35 a month?

THE PRESIDENT:  We just thanked them.  They’re all going to do that.  

Look, everybody knows, once we passed that legislation, it uncovered the paucity of the argument why these num- — numbers were charged.  They’re the biggest producers in the United States.  Who’s going to stick with the price now — the old price? 

No, I think it’s good.  And, by the way, look what — look at the effect we’ve had not just on Eli Lilly and — and drugs, but look at the effect we’ve had on hotel costs and air — two of the major air carriers have now said, “Well, no, you can bring your kids.  We’re going to let you…” 

I mean, once you expose these things, it’s awful hard to defend them.  And once one major carrier or one major operator changes it, it changes everything.

So I think we made a lot of progress.

Q    Sir, on student loans, are you still confident that you will be able to win in the Supreme Court? 

THE PRESIDENT:  I’m confident we’re on the right side of the law, but I’m not confident about the outcome of the decision yet.

5:39 P.M. EST

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