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Q    Mr. President, any reaction to the Trump indictment?

Q    Your reaction to the — President Trump’s indictment?


Q    Are you worried this will further divide our country — the indictment?

THE PRESIDENT:  I have no comment on that.

Q    Are you at all concerned about possible protests in the wake of the indictment?

THE PRESIDENT:  No, I — I’m not going to talk about Trump’s indictment.

Q    What’s your message to Russia right now as they’re detaining —


Q    To Russia as they’re detaining this Wall Street journalist (inaudible).

THE PRESIDENT:  Let him go.  We’re in the process.

Q    Have you spoken with his family?

Q    Sir, what does this mean for the rule of law that former President Trump has been indicted?  What do you think it means for the rule of law in our country?

THE PRESIDENT:  I have no comment at all on Trump.

Q    Are you going to expel Russian diplomats or journalists after they arrested the Wall Street Journal reporter?

THE PRESIDENT:  Am I going to what?

Q    Are you going to expel Russian diplomats or journalists?

THE PRESIDENT:  That’s not the plan right now.

Q    Mr. President, do you think that the charges against Trump are politically motivated?

THE PRESIDENT:  I have no comment on Trump.

8:06 A.M. EDT

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