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3:40 P.M. EDT
THE PRESIDENT:  Well, it’s an honor to have you all three here.  It really is.
And I know you got a chance — the Vice President went down to see you.  I’m sorry I couldn’t be with her at the time. 
But, you know, you’re standing up for our kids.  You’re standing up for our communities — safer communities — and democratic values.  That’s what it’s all about. 
And you’re all — all three of you speak so well about why you’re doing what you did and why you continue to do it. 
And, look, what that Republican legislature did was shocking, it was undemocratic, and it was without any precedent.  But you turned it around very quickly.
And, look, we passed the most significant gun laws that have passed in 30 years, but there’s more to do. 
What happened was that we did — we made background checks and — you know, legislation with so-called “red flag laws.”
But I signed the most extensive gun legislation in 30 years.  But what I’m more proud of is: When I was a senator, I was able to lead the fight with Dianne Feinstein to block the assault weapons — the sale of assault weapons and the number of cartridges that could be in a magazine.  And I think we still have to do that.
And — but on so many issues, you’ve been out front.  And you understand exactly what it’s like.  It’s just tragic to see what’s happening in your state in particular, in your city, but also across the country. 
And, you know, nothing is guaranteed about democracy.  Every — every generation has to fight for it.  And you all are doing just that.
And so, you know, we have a lot to discuss.  And with that, I know they’re going to be really excited, but I’m going to ask the press to leave.
Thank you.
Q    Mr. President, why do you want four more years?
THE PRESIDENT:  So I get to answer your questions. 
Q    What’s your message about (inaudible) — campaign message? 
THE PRESIDENT:  Stay tuned. 
Q    What do you say those who question your age, Mr. President?
THE PRESIDENT:  What did she say?      
3:43 P.M. EDT

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