Number 10 Downing Street
London, United Kingdom

10:47 A.M. BST

PRESIDENT BIDEN: All the flowers bloomed.

PRIME MINISTER SUNAK: Well, Joe, welcome.

It’s great to have you here, back in Downing Street. I think — you’ve been here a few times before, I know, but your first time as president. So we’re very privileged and fortunate to have you here. Thanks for coming.

Great for us to carry on our conversations, which we were having just a month or so ago, it feels like, in the White House, where we signed the Atlantic Declaration — the first-of-its-kind economic partnership, which I know we’ll be talking about today: how do we strengthen our cooperation, joint economic security to the benefit of our citizens.

But also, we head from here to NATO in Vilnius, where we stand as two of the firmest allies in that Alliance. And I know we’ll want to do everything we can to strengthen Euro-Atlantic security.

But great pleasure to have you here
PRESIDENT BIDEN: It’s good to be back. You know, we’ve only been meeting once a month.


PRESIDENT BIDEN: (Laughs.) We met in San Diego, Belfast, Hiroshima, Washington, here. And couldn’t be meeting with a closer friend and a greater ally. And we got a lot to talk about, and I — I think we’re doing well. I think we’re moving along in a way that’s positive, but our relationship is rock solid between the United States, Great Britain. And I look forward to our discussions.

PRIME MINISTER SUNAK: Yeah, me too. Great to have you here.

Thanks very much.

10:49 A.M. BST

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