Joint Base Andrews
Prince George’s County, Maryland

10:40 A.M. EST
Q    Mr. President, why the delay in getting hostages out?
THE PRESIDENT:  We’re hopeful.  Things are moving along.
Q    Did you ask for a three-day pause to Netanyahu?
THE PRESIDENT:  You know I’ve been asking for a pause for — for a lot more than three days (inaudible).
Q    Did you ask him to pause for three days to get the hostages out for that length of time?
THE PRESIDENT:  Yes.  I’ve ask- — asked for even a longer pause for some of them.
Q    Mr. President, we’re eight days from a shutdown — the shutdown — government shutdown.  Just eight days.  Can you give us an update on what you’re thinking on how to — to move past that?
THE PRESIDENT:  I wish the — the House would just get to work.  I’m not being facetious.  I mean, this is not a political statement.  The idea we’re playing games with a shutdown at this moment is just bizarre.  And I think that we ought to be able to combine Ukraine and Israel.  We ought to be able — and I’m open to discussions on the border, and I’ve already made some proposals.  But there’s just no need for any of this.
Q    Will you be bringing up the issue of an endorsement, Mr. President, with Shawn Fain?
THE PRESIDENT:  Pardon me?
Q    Will you be bringing up the issue of an endorsement with Shawn Fain when you meet him?
THE PRESIDENT:  Will I bring up the endorsement?
Q    The issue of an endorsement.  He has a — the UAW hasn’t endorsed you yet.
THE PRESIDENT:  Oh, no.  They’re going to be fine.
Q    Mr. President, were you frustrated with Prime Minister Netanyahu that he has not listened more to some of the things you have asked him to do?
THE PRESIDENT:  It’s taking a little longer than I hoped.
Q    They’re taking a little bit longer?
Q    Do you support the UAW’s efforts to unionize Tesla and Toyota, Mr. President? 
THE PRESIDENT:  Absolutely. 
Thank you.
10:42 A.M. EST

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