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If you ask any woman in America about her health care, she likely has a story to tell. Yes, you know her.

She’s the woman who gets debilitating migraines, but doesn’t know why, and can’t find treatment options that work for her.

She’s the woman going through menopause, who visits with her doctor and leaves with more questions than answers, even though half the country will go through menopause at some point in their lives.

She’s the woman who dies because her heart disease isn’t recognized since her symptoms don’t look like a man’s heart attack. Women are more likely to die after a heart attack, even though men and women have them at similar rates.

This has to stop. And my husband, President Biden, is doing something about it.

Women in this country live longer than men. But what are those years like?

Can you pick up your grandchildren without pain? Can you walk around the block without feeling tired? These women live with chronic diseases that we don’t know enough about and that don’t have effective treatment options.

Last year, Maria Shriver came to me about this issue and it resonated. And when I talked to Joe about it, he took action. That’s what he does – he learns about a problem and then he gets to work tackling it. He doesn’t waste any time.

So, in November, we launched the White House Initiative on Women’s Health Research.

Halle and I are here today because the University of Illinois Chicago is doing groundbreaking research on menopause.

Every woman will be affected by menopause, yet there’s a stunning lack of information about how to manage and treat its symptoms. UIC is working to change that, and I’m grateful to Pauline for hosting us.

The White House Initiative on Women’s Health Research will make sure that women are not just an after-thought, but a first thought. We will build a future where women leave doctors’ offices with more answers than questions. Where medicine meets the needs of everyone. Where no woman or girl has to hear that “it’s all in your head” or “it’s just stress!”

Together, we will make that future a reality.

And now, it’s my pleasure to introduce someone I’m grateful to have joining us today. She’s a powerful advocate for women’s health. She’s been a leading voice in raising awareness about menopause. And she’s helping us build a brighter, healthier future for women. Please help me welcome, Halle Berry.


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