Atlanta, GA

Thank you, Maria, for helping bring us together – and for showing the world what’s possible when we invest in women.
I’m here today because I heard about the amazing work that’s happening in Atlanta, where universities, entrepreneurs, investors, companies, and city leaders are coming together to drive innovation in women’s health.
Even though women are half the population, research on women’s health has always been underfunded.
Too many studies have left women out.
Too many of the medicine dosages, treatments, medical school textbooks, are based on men and their bodies – and that information doesn’t always apply to women.
My husband, President Biden, understands that.
That’s why, in late November, we launched the first-ever White House Initiative on Women’s Health Research.
We have a clear goal: to fundamentally change how we approach and fund women’s health research.

As part of the initiative, Joe has directed federal agencies to look at how they can better advance women’s health research – working with leaders like our new NIH director, Monica Bertagnolli.
But the federal government can’t do it alone.
We need research at universities to develop breakthroughs. Investors who believe in those ideas. Startups that bring those ideas to the market. Doctors who translate those ideas into treatment plans. And government and advocates who help bring everyone together.
Atlanta has been doing this for decades – helping push progress forward in women’s health. And I know this city will remain at the forefront of this work.
So, we came here to listen to your insights and your experience – to hear about the work you’re doing and the path you see ahead. 
Because this is going to take all of us.
Together, we will build a future where women – all women – aren’t just an after-thought, but a first thought, where health care meets the needs of everyone.
Thank you.


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