1:08 P.M. EST
Q    Mr. President, good afternoon, sir.  Going to California, is this about coming up with a plan B for 2024?  Does Gavin need to stand by?
THE PRESIDENT:  Are you ready?
Q    Yes, sir.
THE PRESIDENT:  Well, I’m looking for — I’m looking at you.  We’re looking at you.
Hey —
THE PRESIDENT:  Hey — whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.  What I came to tell you was: I told you we’d be announcing sanctions on Russia.  We’ll have a major package announced on Friday, and I’ll be happy to sit with you all while doing that.  Okay?
Q    Nikki Haley or Donald Trump.  Who would you prefer in November?  Who would you rather — who would rather challenge in November: Nikki Haley or Donald Trump?
THE PRESIDENT:  Oh, I don’t care.
Q    (Inaudible) on Rafah?  Have you gotten an evacuation plan for Rafah yet? 
1:09 P.M. EST

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