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Grand Rapids, Michigan

4:29 P.M. EST

THE VICE PRESIDENT: So, let me start by saying I am so happy to support a local small business. And this is an example of the many small businesses that I have visited around the country where you have individuals who have — they’re inspired by an idea, they are inspired by understanding how they can make a difference in a community.

I have always found — and here is no different — that you have somebody who is a business leader but is also a civic leader who is engaged in the community — she has the intention of building a community garden next door.  She is hiring locally.  And that’s really part of the backbone of who we are as a country but also of — of our economy.

And the President and I believe very much in building a broad-based economy, and this is an example of how we do that: supporting small businesses.

And so, I know you want to know what I bought.  So, you want to know that I got the George Clinton doll.  Does everybody know who George Clinton is?  Do you know P-Funk? 

No?  Okay.  Well, there is lessons to be taught, like Bootsy Collins.  Anybody know who Bootsy Collins is? 

Okay.  So, there’s some education that needs to be done.  I can see that.

I got a Miles Davis album and then a couple of cards.

Now, as — you have now asked about the women of Alabama.  The decision by the court in Alabama is shocking and, at the same time, post the Dobbs decision, not surprising.  I talked about it from the beginning, when the Dobbs decision came down, that we were looking at what potentially would be the beginning of the erosion of so many fundamental rights — in particular, around reproductive freedom.

And so, we have seen that states around our country have taken everything from an individual’s ability to make decisions about their own body to access to reproductive healthcare, limiting how people can get access to reproductive healthcare in — in very substantial ways.  We’ve seen clinics close, things of that nature.  We have seen laws that would criminalize doctors and nurses, provide up to prison for life for administering reproductive healthcare.

And — and we knew that IVF was always very much on the table.  And so, what we have seen now Alabama is — sure enough, it has now been attacked, and the access to reproductive healthcare through IVF is being taken from countless individuals and families.

And this is about an individual’s right, but it also affects entire families.  And the irony of it all is that, on the one hand, these proponents are — are suggesting that an individual and a woman does not have the right to end an unwanted pregnancy and, on the other hand, does not have the right to become pregnant if that is her choice and her desire and her dream.

So, I think that everyone should understand we each have a responsibility and the ability to change this trajectory.  And elections matter. 

President Biden has been very clear: If Congress puts back in place the rights that the Court took away, that — which means putting back in place the protections of Roe v. Wade — Joe Biden will sign it. 

So, elections matter.

                          END                      4:32 P.M. EST

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