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Q    Mr. President, when do airdrops in Gaza start?
Q    Do you think there will be a ceasefire deal by Ramadan?
THE PRESIDENT:  I’m hoping so.  We’re still working real hard at it.  We’re not there yet.
Q    What is — what is the biggest hold-up right now?
THE PRESIDENT:  I’m not going to tell you that because that would get involved in the negotiations.
Q    Mr. President, is it time to — is it time to have talks on Ukraine — to speak to President Putin about Ukraine to maybe get the peace talks?  Is it a good time —
THE PRESIDENT:  Speak to Putin?
Q    Yeah.
THE PRESIDENT:  About Ukraine?
Q    Why are you waiting to take executive action on the border?
THE PRESIDENT:  Because we need more forces on the border.  I don’t have the authority to do that.
Q    Do you trust Israel to investigate what happened yesterday?  Do you trust — do you trust Israel will investigate what happened yesterday?
Q    When will — when can we expect the first airdrops into Gaza?
THE PRESIDENT:  I’m not positive.  I think very soon.
Q    Will you be seeing Benny Gantz this weekend, sir?
Q    Are you still confident you can get a ceasefire by Monday?
THE PRESIDENT:  No, I was just saying: It looks like we’re still — it’s not there yet.  I think — I think we’ll get there, but it’s not there yet.  And I’m not — and it may not get there now.
Q    Will you speak to Netanyahu about yesterday’s attack?  Will you speak to Netanyahu about yesterday’s attack?
THE PRESIDENT:  I will speak to yesterday’s attack.
Q    Speaker — Speaker Johnson has accused you of lying repeatedly about your interactions with your son and brother’s business partners.  What’s your re- — response to him?
THE PRESIDENT:  Tell him to read the record of every single witness.  These guys got to stop this stuff.
Q    But you did interact with their partners.
THE PRESIDENT:  I did not interact with their partners.
Q    You didn’t have dinner or lunch and coffee?
Q    Mr. President, so, you think there may never be a ceasefire negotiation?
THE PRESIDENT:  I’m still hoping for it.  You know, it’s not over until it’s over.
Q    What still needs to happen (inaudible)?  What still needs to happen in negotiations?
THE PRESIDENT:  What has — there has to be an agreement on the timing.  And they’re still far apart.
Thank you.
6:01 P.M. EST

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