Private Residence
Rose Valley, Pennsylvania

5:08 P.M. EST

Q What did you hear in there, Mr. President?


Q What did you hear in there? What did —

THE PRESIDENT: I heard about what —

Q — you hear from these folks?

THE PRESIDENT: — this is like the family I grew up in with how close they were.

The older brother went to school with s- — my son Hunter back in Delaware. And we were talking about the school that he went to — they went to and family connections.

And it was just nice. It was nice to be here.

Q Why did you want to come here?

THE PRESIDENT: Because I wanted to meet with people like I grew up with — (laughs) — like the family that I — although this is a little more uptown than where I grew up.

But it’s a beautiful, beautiful family.

Q Will there be a ceasefire by Ramadan?

THE PRESIDENT: It’s looking tough, but —

Q Are you concerned about violence in East Jerusalem without one?


5:09 P.M. EST

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